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Week 9: Book Layout

Sample book layout (pages 2, 7 and 8 only)

To view/download full pdf copy, visit:



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I’ve been thinking about my printing options. I plan on placing my first batch order next week once designs are finalized and ready. The plan is to have about 15-20  first edition sets of flower stickers (which include 30 flowers and their names/meanings) and 20-30 stationery cards for people to play with at the gallery exhibition. In addition, I am planning for a 11 x 17 sized poster featuring the flowers and their meanings.

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Ugh. This week, I realized there’s a strong tendency to design in such a way that’s at the mercy of software. As I was beginning designs, it was becoming more and more difficult to make the little tweeks in Illustrator that I wanted. And after studying several Victorian illustrations and etchings, I came to the conclusion that I must sketch each and every design by hand, rather than initially begin in Illustrator, as I had hoped. I want the most control of line variation and texture so I will re-begin my process with pencil/pen and then transfer into Photoshop for final edits. I will have to catch up a little but I believe it will be worth this major change in my process.

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Victorian font

LHF Confection:

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Flower List

1. Angelica = “Inspiration”

2. Bells of Ireland = “Luck”

3. Candytuft = “Indifference”

4. Chrysanthemum = “Cheerfulness/friendship”

5. Columbine = “Folly/Anxious”

6. Cyclamen (Sweet Pea?) = “Resignation/Good bye”

7. Bachelor Buttons/Cornflower = “Delicacy”

8. Daisy = “Innocence”

9. Fern = “Sincerity”

10. Forget-Me-Not = “Memories”

11. Heather = “Admiration/Wishes come true”

12. Honesty = “Honesty”

13. Hops = “Injustice”

14. Hydrangea = “Heartless/Cold”

15. Iris = “Message”

16. Lily = “Purity”

17. Marigold = “Despair/Grief”

18. Myrtle = “Marriage/Fidelity”

19. Nigelia = “Perplexity”

20. Nightshade = “Secrets”

21. (Frog) Ophrys = “Disgust”

22. Pansy = “Thoughtfulness”

23. Peony = “Shame/Bashfulness”

24. Poppy = “Wealth/Success”

25. Rhododendron = “Danger/Beware”

26. Rose (red) = “True Love/Beauty”

27. Snowdrop = “Consolation/Hope”

28. Tulip = “Declaration of Love”

29. Violet = “Faithfulness/Modesty”

30. Petunia = “Angry/Furious”

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Project Proposal

Pick Your Feeling; a Flower Language project


   During the Victorian-era, floral arrangements were a means of unspoken expression. The flower bouquets were coded messages of love, hate, and everything inbetween. Today, people give flowers as gifts to show feeling and thoughtfulness, but the floral language is well forgotten. “Pick Your Feeling” will explore expressing feelings through simple graphically designed flowers, allowing people to learn victorian/modern-day floriographical meanings and to make their own sentimental arrangements, through a physical means and online.


1) Decorative garden installation: 12-16 flower fans (printed on thick transparency)

2) Web component: including floriography dictionary and simple interactive component

3) Class book component


 Week 2:  Proposal, planning, research (Gather photos,  flower dictionary)

 Week 3:  Begin designs (3), Initial mock-ups

 Week 4:  Designs (3), Web-component

 Week 5:  Designs (2), Web-component

 Week 6:  Designs (2-3), Finalize mock-ups

 Week 7:  Designs (2-3), Web-component

 Week 8:  Designs (2), Ordering/Printing, Book work

 Week 9:  Exhibit details (Visit floral shop)

 Week 10:  Exhibit setup

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