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I’ve been thinking about my printing options. I plan on placing my first batch order next week once designs are finalized and ready. The plan is to have about 15-20  first edition sets of flower stickers (which include 30 flowers and their names/meanings) and 20-30 stationery cards for people to play with at the gallery exhibition. In addition, I am planning for a 11 x 17 sized poster featuring the flowers and their meanings.

Color Swatches:

Flower Design Color Tweeks:

Completed List of Floriography and flower symbology:

The Language of Flowers

Flower Meaning
Abatina  Fickleness 
Absinth (Wormwood) Absence

Separation and Torment of Love

Bitterness and Heartache

Herb of Mars (Astrological)

Acacia Blossom Friendship Beauty in Retirement and Platonic Love Bad Luck Gift to the Woman
Acacia, Rose or White Elegance
Acacia, Yellow Secret Love
Acanthus Leaves Admiration of the Arts

Unbreakable Bonds

Achillea Millefolia War, To Cure
Aconite (Monkshood, Helmet Flower) Misanthropy and Poisonous Words

Symbol of Crime

Chivalry and Knight-errantry

Herb of Saturn (Astrological)

Acorn Symbol of Life and Immortality (Nordic)
Adam’s Needle A Friend in Need
Adonis (Pheasant’s Eye) Painful and Sorrowful Remembrances

Recollection of Life’s Pleasure

Flower of New Year’s Eve (Japanese)

Symbol of Gold and Wealth (Japanese)

Fortune-Longevity Plant (Japanese)

Agave Tree of Life and Abundance (Mexican)
Agrimony Recognition, Thankfulness and Gratitude
Alder Tree (Elm Tree) Genesis Tree of Embla, the Woman (Nordic)

Tree of Fairies (Celtic)

Tree of Divination (Old Irish)

Allspice Compassion
Almond, Common Heedlessness, Imprudence, and Indiscretion

Virginity and Fruitfulness

Symbol of Happy Marriage (French)

Almond Blossom Hope and Watchfulness

Flower of the Annunciation

Almond Tree Tree of Heaven (Persian)

Tree of January (Semitic)

Almond Twins Lover’s Charm and Symbol for Good Luck
Aloe Sorrow, Grief and Affliction

Wisdom and Integrity

Dedicated to Zeus and Jupiter

Althea Frutex Persuasion, Consumed by Love
Alyssum, Sweet Worth beyond beauty
Amaranth Constancy and Fidelity

Faith and Immortality

“My love will never fade or die!”

Amaryllis Pride

Pastoral Poetry

Ambrosia Love Returned
Amethyst Admiration
Anemone Refusal and Abandonment

“Go away!”


Dedicated to Aphrodite and Venus

Angelica Inspiration
Angrec Royalty
Apple Temptation

Symbol of Perpetual Concord

Dedicated to Aphrodite and Venus

“Peace be with you!” (Chinese)

Good Luck Gift

Apple Blossom Preference
Apricot Blossom Timid Love

Emblem of the Fair Sex (Chinese)

Arbor Infelix Tree of Crucifixion
Arbor Vitae (Thuya Tree) Old Age, Live for Me

Tree of Life

Unchanging Friendship

Artemisia Leaf Happiness, AbsenceSymbol of Dignity (Chinese)
Ash Tree Grandeur, Obedience

Tree of Life (Nordic)

Genesis Tree of Ask, the Man (Nordic)

Aspen (Trembling Poplar) Lamentation and Fear
Asphodel Languor and Regret

“My regrets will follow you the grave.”

Symbol of Death (Greek)

Aster, China Variety, “I will think of it.”

Elegance and Daintiness

Talisman of Love

Herb of Venus (Astrological)

Aster, Double “I share your sentiments.”
Aster, Single “I will think of it.”
Aster, large-flowered Mental Reservations, Afterthought
Auricula Painting
Auricula, Scarlet Avarice
Austurtium Splendor
Autumn Bell (Fringed Gentian) Flower emblem of Autumn (Occidental)
Azalea Temperance, Generous and Devoted Love

Fragile and Ephemeral Passion

Emblem of Womanhood (Chinese)

Bachelor’s Button (Cornflower) Delicacy
Balm (Melissa) Sympathy and Love

Symbol of Rejuvenation (Arabic)

Balm of Gilead Cure and Relief
Balsam, Red “Touch me not!”

Impatient resolves

Balsam, Yellow Impatient
Bamboo Friend of China

Symbol of Graceful Strength (Chinese)

Durability and Longevity (Chinese)

Candidness and Devotion (Japanese)

Bamboo Staff Mourning for a Father (Chinese)
Banana Tree Birth and Life Tree of the Tropics
Barberry Sourness of Temper
Barrel of Fruit (or Vegetables) Symbol of Abundance
Basil Hatred
Bay Leaf “I change but in death.”
Bay Tree Glory and Resurrection (Roman)
Bay Tree, Laurel Sharpness
Bay Wreath Reward of Merit
Bean Immortality and Transmigration

Magic and Mysticism

Bearded Crepis Protection
Beech Tree Oracle and Divination (Greek)Dedicated to Zeus and JupiterProsperity and Pleasant Memory

Flower Emblem of Denmark

Begonia “Beware! I am fanciful!”
Belladonna “I bring you bad luck!”

Fatal Gift to a Man

Belladonna (Nightshade, Deadly) Silence
Belvedere “I declare war against you!”
Betony Surprise
Bilberry Treachery
Bindweed Coquette and Busybody

Passing Attachment without Consequence

Bindweed, Great Inspiration
Bindweed, Small Humility
Birch Meekness
Birch Tree Light and Fertility

Dedicated to Thor and Donar

Flower Emblem of Estonia

Birdsfoot Trefoil Revenge
Bittersweet (Nighshade, Woody) Truth
Black Poplar Courage
Blackthorn (Sloe) Difficulty and Austerity

“There are many obstacles to our love!”

Bad Luck Gift to a Woman

Bladder Nut Tree Frivolity and Amusement
Bluebell (Harebell) Constancy, Delicacy and Humility

Emblem of St. George

Blue-flowered Greek Valerian Rupture
Bo Tree (Pipal Tree) Meditation and Perfection

Tree of Nirvana (Buddhist)

Dedicated to Gautama Buddha

Bórage Symbol of Courage (Medieval)
Bouquet of Full-blown Roses Token of Gratitude
Bouquet of Withered Flowers Token of Rejected Love
Box Tree Firmness and Stoicism in Adversity

“I will never change!”

Box Holly (Butcher’s Broom) Activity and Cleanliness
Brake (Eagle Fern) Confidence and Shelter
Bramble Remorse

Envy and Jealousy

Bad Luck Gift to a Woman

Branch of Currants “You please all.”
Brier Solitude and Thoughtfulness

Courage and Strength

Herb of Mars (Astrological)

Bad Luck Gift to a Woman

Broom Plant (Planta Genista) Ardor, Humility and Neatness

Badge of the Plantagenet Kings of England

Flower Emblem of Brittany

Buckbean Calm Repose
Buckeye (Horse Chestnut) Luxury and Health

Good Luck Charm for a Man

Buddha’s Hand (Citrus Medica) Blessings of Buddha (Chinese)
Bugloss Falsehood
Bulrush Indiscretion and Docility
Bundle of Birch Rods (Fasces) Union and Strength

Symbol of Lictorian Authority (Roman)

Burdock Importunity and Boredom

“Don’t touch me!”

Burgundy Unconscious Beauty
Buttercup Mockery and Sarcasm

Childishness, Ingratitude and Spite

Desire for Riches

Dedicated to Mars and Ares

Butterfly Weed “Let me go.”
Cactus Bravery and Endurance (Amerindian)

Fairy’s Hand (Chinese)

Bad Luck to a Pregnant Woman (Chinese)

Calla Magnificent Beauty
Calycanthus Benevolence
Camellia Excellence and Steadfastness

“I shall love you always!”

Good Luck Gift to a Man

Symbol of Sudden Death (Japanese)

Camellia, Red Unpretending excellence
Camellia, White Perfected loveliness
Camomile (Chamomile) Initiative and Ingenuity

Energy in Adversity

Herb of Mercury (Astrological)

Canary Grass Perseverance
Candytuft, Everflowering Indifference
Canterbury Bell Constancy and Warning

Emblem of St. Thomas

Cardamine Paternal error
Cardinal Flower Distinction and Splendor
Carnation, Pink Flower Emblem of Mother’s Day
Carnation, Purple Antipathy and Capriciousness
Carnation, Red Pure Love, Admiration and Worldly Sentiments
Carnation, White Endearment, Pure and Ardent Love

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Carnation, Yellow Distain and Rejection
Carnation, Mixed Colors Pride and Beauty

Health and Energy

Carnation, Striped Indecision
Caspia Consistency
Cassia Tree World Tree and Tree of Life (Chinese)
Catchfly Snare
Cattail Peace and Prosperity (Amerindian)
Cedar Tree Strength, Nobility and Incorruptibility

Flower Emblem of Lebanon

Cedar of Lebanon Incorruptible
Celandine, Lesser Joy to come
Centaury Delicacy
Cherry Blossom Spirituality and Beauty

Symbol of Good Education (Chinese)

Flower of April (Chinese)

Wealth and Prosperity (Japanese)

Flower of March (Japanese)

National Flower of Japan

Cherry Twins Good Luck Symbol and Lover’s Charm
Cherry-apple Blossom Emblem of Feminine Beauty (Chinese)

Symbol of Peace and Concord (Chinese)

Chervil Sincerity
Chestnut Independence and Injustice

Bad Luck Gift to a Woman

Chickweed Rendezvous
Chickweed, Mouse-eared Ingenuous simplicity
Chicory Frugality
China Aster Jealousy and After-thought

“I shall fight against fate!” (Selam)

Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness and Optimism

Flower of November (Occidental)

Rest and Ease (Chinese)

Flower of October (Chinese)

Badge of the Old Chinese Army

Long Life and Happiness (Japanese)

Flower of September (Japanese)

Kikumon – Imperial Crest of Japan

Chrysanthemum, Red Love
Chrysanthemum, Yellow Slighted Love
Cinnamon Love and Beauty

“My fortune is yours!” (Selam)

Dedicated to Aphrodite and Venus

Cinquefoil Maternal Affection

Beloved Daughter

Circaea Fascination
Citron Ill-natured Beauty and Sadness
Clematis Artifice and Ingenuity

Mental Beauty and Art

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Clematis, Evergreen Poverty
Clotbur Rudeness, Pertinacity
Clove Dignity and Restraint

“I love you secretly!” (Selam)

Clover Fertility and Domestic Virtue

Symbol of Trinity

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Clover, Five-leaved Bad Luck
Clover, Four-leaved Good Luck
Clover, Red Industry
Clover, White “Think of me.”
Cloves Dignity
Cobaea Gossip
Cockle Gentility
Cockscomb (Celosia) Silliness or Foppery

Affectation and Singularity

Coconut Palm Tropical Tree of Life and Abundance
Colchicum “My best days are past.”
Coltsfoot Maternal Love and Care
Coltsfoot, Tussilage “Justice shall be done.”
Columbine Folly, Cuckoldry and Deserted Lover

Fool’s Staff

Bad Luck Gift to a Man

Columbine, Purple Resolved to Win
Columbine, Red Anxious and Trembling
Convolvulus Bonds and Humble Perseverance

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Love and Marriage (Chinese)

Convolvulus, Pink Worth sustained by judicious and tender affection
Convolvulus, Major Extinguished hopes
Corchorus Impatient of absence
Coreopsis Always Cheerful
Coreopsis Arkansa Love at first sight
Coriander “You have hidden merits!” (Selam)
Corn Riches
Corn Cockle Innocent Charm and Daintiness

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Cornel Durability
Corn Straw Agreement
Corn Straw, Broken Quarrel
Cornucopia (Horn of Plenty) Horn of Althea (Greek)

Symbol of Abundance

Coronella “Success crown your wishes.”
Cowslip, American Divine beauty

“You are my divinity.”

Cranberry Hardiness
Crane’s-bill (Wild Geranium) Constancy and Availability

“I desire to please!”

Crepe Myrtle Eloquence
Cress Stability
Crocus “Abuse not.”
Crocus, Saffron Mirth
Crocus, Spring Youthful Gladness and Attachment
Crowfoot Ingratitude
Crowfoot, Aconite-leaved Lustre
Crown Imperial Majesty and Power
Crown of Laurel Symbol of Victory at the Pythian Games

Dedicated to Zeus (Greek)

Crown of Parsley Symbol of Victory at the Nemean Games

Dedicated to Zeus (Greek)

Crown of Pine Symbol of Victory at the Isthmian Games

Dedicated to Poseidon (Greek)

Crown of Roses Symbol of Superior Merit
Crown of Thorns Symbol of Martyrdom (Biblical)
Crown of Wild Olives Symbol of Victory at the Olympian Games

Dedicated to Zeus (Greek)

Crowsbill Envy
Cuckoo Plant Ardour
Cudweed American Unceasing remembrance
Currant “I am worthy of you!” (Selam)

“You please all.”

Cuscuta Meanness
Cyclamen Diffidence

Resignation and Good-bye

Bad Luck Gift to a Woman

Cypress Tree Death, Mourning and Despair

Mourning and Lament (Occidental)

Symbol of Death (Greek)

Emblem of Grace and Joy (Oriental)

Daffodil Emblem of the Annunciation

Flower of Easter

Dahlia Treachery and Instability

Sterility and Misrepresentation

“Many words but no soul!”

Daisy Gentleness and Innocence

Purity in Thought and Loyal Love

Flower of April (Occidental)

Dedicated to Aphrodite and Venus

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Daisy, Garden “I share your sentiments.”
Daisy, Michaelmas Farewell and Afterthought
Daisy, Parti-colored Beauty
Daisy, Wild “I will think of it.”
Damask Rose Ambassador of Love (Persian)
Dandelion Oracle of Time and Love

“Faithful to you!”

Daphne Odora Desire to Please

Sweets to the sweet

Darnel (Ray Grass Vice
Date Palm Tree of the Calendar Year (Egyptian)Sacred Emblem of JudeaTree of Life and Abundance (Arabic)

Symbol of Fecundity (Chinese)

Datura (Thorn Apple) Deceitful Charm

“You are poison!”

Devil’s Herb (Gypsy Lore)

Day Lily (Hemerocallis) Emblem of the Mother (Chinese)
Dead Leaves Sadness and Melancholy

Symbol of Autumn (Occidental)

Delphinium (Larkspur, Double) Haughtiness
Dew Plant A serenade
Digitalis (Foxglove) Treacherous Magnificence

“You are beautiful but careless!”

Dipsacus (Teasel) Flower which keeps the Dew

“I thirst after you!”

Dittany of Crete Birth
Dittany of Crete, White Passion
Dodder of Thyme Baseness and Meanness
Dodecatheon “You are my divinity.”
Dog Grass War and Death

Dedicated to Mars (Roman)

Dog Rose Love and Poetry

Hope and Fear

“You have enchanted me!”

Dogsbane Deceit and Falsehood
Dogwood Durability

Love in Adversity

Dragon Plant Snare
Dragonswort Horror
Dried Figs (Dried Prunes) Emaciation and Sterility

Bad Luck Gift to a Woman

Edelweiss Daring and Noble Courage

Purity and Immortality

Emblem of Alpine Achievement

National Flower of Switzerland

Eglantine (European Sweetbrier) Spring and Poetry
Elderberry Blossom Humility and Kindness

Compassion and Zeal

Elecampane (Helenium) Woe and Tears

“You are hurting me!” (Selam)

Flower of Helen of Troy (Greek)

Elm Dignity
Elm, American Patriotism
Enchanter’s Nightshade Witchcraft, Sorcery
Endive Frugality
Everlasting Flower Attachment and Constancy

Never-ceasing remembrance

“Always yours!”

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Everlasting Pea Sweet and Constant Memory
Evening Primula Inconstancy and Fickleness
Fennel Worthy of all praise


Fern Sincerity
Fern, Flowering Reverie
Fern, Maidenhair Discretion and Secrecy
Festoon of Laurel Emblem of Victory
Fig Tree Prolific

Peace and Abundance (Hebrew)

Tree of Heaven (Arabic)

Wisdom and Integrity

Tree of Jupiter (Astrological)

Filbert Reconciliation
Filix-mas (Male Fern) Confidence and Fascination

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

The Lucky Hands (Mongolian)

Occultism and Power (Mongolian)

Talisman of Genghis Khan

Fir Tree Elevation, Boldness and Fidelity

Dedicated to Pan (Greek)

Integrity and Ingenuity

Tree of Mercury (Astrological)

Lasting Affection and Eternity (Chinese)

Good Luck Gift to Departing Friends (Chinese)

Flax Fate“I feel your kindness.”
Flax, Dried Industry and Utility
Fleur-de-lis Flame of Light, Life and Power

National Emblem of France

Forget-me-not (Myosotis) Faithful Love and Undying Memory

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Foxglove Wish and Insincerity
Frankincense Faithful heart
Fraxinella Fire
Fritillary, Checkered Persecution
Frog Ophrys Disgust
Fuchsia Taste

Amiability, Anxiety and Confiding Love

Fumitory Hatred
Fungus (Ling Chih) Divine Plant of China

Symbol of Everlasting Life (Taoist)

Furze (Gorse) Cheerfulness in Adversity

“My thoughts for you are like golden butterflies!”

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Galega Reason
Galirum Patience
Garden Balsam (Impatiens) Refusal and Severed Ties

“Touch me not, you have offended me!”

Gardenia “I love you in secret!”

Good Luck Gift to a Man

Flower of November (Chinese)

Garland of Flowers Love’s Bondage
Garlic Courage and Strength

Herb of Mars (Astrological)

Gentian, Yellow Ingratitude
Geranium Gentility and Esteem
Geranium, Apple-Scented Present preference
Geranium, Crane’s Bill Envy
Geranium, Dark Melancholy
Geranium, Fish Disappointed expectation
Geranium, Ivy Bridal favor

“Your hand for the next dance?”

Geranium, Lemon Scented Unexpected meeting
Geranium, Nutmeg Scented Expected meeting
Geranium, Oak-leaved True friendship
Geranium, Penciled Ingenuity
Geranium, Rose Scented Preference
Geranium, Scarlet Folly and Stupidity

“You are childish!”

Bad Luck Gift to a Man

Geranium, Silver-leaved Recall
Geranium, Wild Steadfast Piety
Gilly-flower Bonds of affection and Lasting beauty
Ginseng Strength and Longevity (Chinese)Clear Judgment and Vigor (Chinese)
Gladiolus (Sword Lily) Flower of the Gladiators (Roman)

“You pierce my heart!”

Glasswort Pretension
Globe Flower (Luckan Gowan) Witches’ Gold (Scottish)
Gloryflower Glorious Beauty
Glycine “Your friendship is agreeable and pleasing to me.”
Goldenrod Precaution and Encouragement
Gooseberry Anticipation
Gourd Extent and Bulkiness
Grapes Token of Canaan, the Promised Land

Peace and Abundance (Biblical)

Symbol of the Wine of the Eucharist

Good Luck Gift

Grapes, Wild Charity and Mirth
Grass Utility and Submission

Bad Luck Gift to a Woman

Green Leaves Revived Hope
Guelder Rose Whitsuntide Flower (English)
Hand Flower Tree Warning
Harebell Submission and Grief
Hawkweed Quick sightedness
Hawthorn Sweet Hope and Marriage

“You are my only queen!”

Dedicated to Hymen (Greek)

Flower of May (Occidental)

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Hazelnut Tree Communication, Reconciliation and Peace

Dedicated to Mercury (Greek)

Tree of Wisdom (Celtic)

Tree of Thor and Donar (Nordic)

Emblem of St. Philibert

Heartsease Happiness in Recollection
Heath Solitude
Heather, Purple Beauty in Solitude and Admiration
Heather, White Protection from Danger (Scottish)Good Luck“Your wish will come true!”
Helenium Tears
Heliotrope Eternal Love and Devoted Attachment

Dedicated to Apollo (Greek)

Herb of the Sun (Astrological)

Hellebore Scandal and Calumny

Madness and Delirium (Medieval)

Helmet Flower (Monkshood) Chivalry
Hemlock Perfidy and Death

Poison-cup of Socrates (Greek)

“We who must die!”

Bad Luck Gift

Hemp Fate
Henbane Imperfection
Hepatica (Liverwort) Confidence and Cure
Hibiscus (Mallow) Delicate Beauty and Sweet Disposition
Honesty (Satinflower) Money in all Pockets
Holly Foresight and Defense

Domestic Happiness

“I dare not approach!”

Flower of December (Occidental)

Holly Herb Enchantment
Hollyhock Ambition and Liberality

Symbol of Nature and Fecundity (Chinese)

Honey Flower (Melianthus) Love sweet and secret
Honeysuckle Devotion and Affection

Generosity and Gaiety

Bond of Love

Rustic Beauty (French)

“We belong to each other!” (Selam)

Flower of June (Occidental)

Honeysuckle, Coral “The color of my fate.”
Honeysuckle, Wild Inconsistency
Hop Plant Injustice and Destruction

“I overcome all difficulties!” (Selam)

Flower of October (Occidental)

Hornbeam Ornament
Horse Chestnut Luxury
Horse-radish Bitter Herb of Bondage (Jewish Passover)
Houseleek Symbol of Vivacity and Domestic industry

“My friendship for life!”

Houstonia Content
Hoya Sculpture
Hyacinth Games, Sport and Play

Rashness and Woe (Greek)

Dedicated to Apollo (Greek)

Hyacinth, Blue Constancy
Hyacinth, White Unobtrusive loveliness
Hydrangea (Hortensia) Boastfulness and Frigidity


“Beautiful without scent and fruit!”

Bad Luck Gift to a Woman

Hyssop Cleanliness
Ice Plant (Ficoides) Frigidity and Heartlessness

“Your looks freeze me!”

Iris Faith, Wisdom and Valor

Hope, Light and Power

Eloquence, Message and Promise

Flower Emblem of France (Fleur-de-lis)

Dedicated to the Virgin Mary

Herb of the Moon (Astrological)

Good Luck Gift to a Man

Emblem of the Warrior (Japanese)

Flower of May (Japanese)

“I have a message for you.”

Ivy Attachment and Eternal Friendship

Fidelity and Wedded Love

“I die where I cling!”

Dedicated to Dionysus and Bacchus

Jack-in-the-Pulpit Ardor and Zeal
Jacob’s Ladder “Come down to me.”
Japonica, Pyrus Fairies’ Fire
Jasmine (Jessamine) “You are cheerful and graceful.”

“I attach myself to you.” (Indian)

Jasmine, Cape Transport of joy

“I am too happy!”

Jasmine, Red Folly and Glee

“Our love will be intoxicating!” (Selam)

Jasmine, Spanish Sensuality
Jasmine, White Amiability and Cheerfulness

“Our love will be sweet!” (Selam)

Symbol of Womanly Sweetness (Chinese)

Jasmine, Yellow Timidity and Modesty

Grace and Elegance

“Our love will be passionate!” (Selam)

Flower of Epiphany

Job’s Tears Repentance and Faith
Jonquil Violent Sympathy and Desire

“Have pity on my passion!” (Selam)

Judas Tree Unbelief and Betrayal
Juniper Succor, Confidence and Protection

Initiative and Ingenuity

Herb of Mercury (Astrological)

Justicia The perfection of female loveliness
Kennedia Mental Beauty
Kingscup Desire for Riches
Laburnum Refusal and Loneliness

Pensive Beauty

“You have broken my heart!”

Lady’s Slipper Capricious Beauty
Lantana Rigor
Larch Audacity and Boldness
Larkspur Lightness and Levity

Open Heart and Ardent Attachment

Larkspur, Double (Delphinium) Haughtiness
Larkspur, Single Fickleness
Laurel Success and Renown

Glory and Victory

“I shall conquer you!”

Dedicated to Apollo (Greek)

Luck and Pride

Plant of the Sun (Astrological)

Laurel, Cherry Perfidy
Laurel, Ground Perseverance
Laurel, Mountain Ambition
Laurestina (Libernum) “I die if neglected.”
Lavender Constancy and Loyalty

Sweetness and Undying Love

“Fervent but silent love!”

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Herb of Mercury (Astrological)

Leaves, Dead Sadness
Leek Flower Emblem of Wales

Dedicated to St. David

Lemon Zest

Symbol of Harvest (Jewish Succoth)

Lemon Blossom Discretion
Lemon Tree Passion and Discretion

Luck and Price

Tree of the Sun (Astrological)

Lettuce Coldheartedness
Lichen Solitude
Lilac, Mauve “Do you still love me?” (Selam)
Lilac, Pink Youth and Acceptance (Occidental)Good Luck Gift to a WomanFriction and Strife (Chinese)
Lilac, Purple First emotions of Love
Lilac, White Majesty, Purity and Innocence

“My first dream of love!” (Selam)

Lily, Orange Hatred and Disdain
Lily, White Sincerity and Majesty

Beauty, Elegance and Sweetness

Purity and Virginity

Symbol of Motherhood (Semitic)

Dedicated to Hera and Juno

Easter Flower

Emblem of the Virgin Mary

Rod of St. Joseph

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Lily-of-the-Valley Purity and Humility

Tear of the Virgin Mary

Sweetness and Renewed Happiness

“Let us make up!”

Flower of Spring

Whitsuntide Flower (English)

Lime (or Linden Tree) Conjugal Fidelity
Linden Tree Conjugal Love and Marital Virtues

Tree of Baucis (Greek)

Lint “I feel my obligations.”
Liquorice, Wild “I declare war against you!”
Live Oak Liberty
Liverwort Confidence
Lobelia, Cardinalis Distinctive
Locust Tree Elegance
Locust Tree (Robinia), Green Affection beyond the Grave
London Pride Frivolity
Loosestrife (Lythrum) Pretension
Lotus Eloquence, Mystery and Truth

Symbol of the Sun (Persian)

Creation and Resurrection (Egyptian)

Flower Emblem of Egypt

Golden Throne of Brahma

National Flower of India

Symbol of Heaven (Buddhist)

Fruitfulness and Offspring (Chinese)

Perfection and Purity (Chinese)

Flower of July (Chinese)

Past, Present and Future (Japanese)

Flower of Midsummer (Japanese

Love-in-a-Mist (Nigella) Delicacy and Perplexity

“Butterfly wings of our love!”

Dedicated to St. Catherine

Love-lies-Bleeding (Amaranthus) “Hopeless not heartless!”
Lucern Life
Lupine Voraciousness and Imagination
Lychnis Religious Enthusiasm
Madder Calumny
Madonna Lily Resurrection and Annunciation

Flower of Easter

Dedicated to the Virgin Mary

Magnolia, Grandeflora Dignity and Love of Nature

Splendid Beauty and Sweetness

Flower of May (Chinese)

Maidenhair Fern Secret Bond of Love

Dedicated to Aphrodite and Venus

Mallow (Hibbiscus) Delicate Beauty and Gentle Affection

Maternal Tenderness and Beneficence

Flower of September (Chinese)

Mallow, Marsh Beneficence
Manchineal Falsehood
Mandrake (Mandragora) Rarity

Conception and Fruitfulness (Biblical)

Plant of Circe (Greek)

Devil’s Candle (Arabic)

Root of Black Magic (Medieval)

Maple Leaves Symbol of Autumn (Occidental)Flower Emblem of CanadaLover’s Valentine (Japanese)

Flower of October (Japanese)

Maple Tree Reserve and Retirement
Marigold Disquietude and Jealousy

Grief and Sorrow

“What is the matter with you?”

Marigold, African Uneasiness
Marigold, Fig Idleness
Marigold, French Jealousy
Marigold, Prophetic Prediction
Marjoram Comfort and Consolation

Blushes, Delusion and Illusion

Kindness and Courtesy

Mascot Flower for Lovers (Gypsy Lore)

Marsh Marigold Pensiveness and Winning Grace

“You are my divinity!”

Marvel-of-Peru Timidity

Flame of Love

Meadow Lychnis Wit
Meadow Saffron “Our pleasant days are over!”

“Let us separate!”

Flower of Autumn (Occidental)

Bad Luck Gift to a Woman

Meadowsweet Uselessness
Mecca Balsam Balm of Gilead (Biblical)Improvement and Cure (Turkish)
Medlar Timidity and Peevishness

Bad Luck Gift to a Man

Mercury Goodness
Mesembryanthemum Idleness
Mezereon Desire to Please


Mignonette Modesty and Hidden Beauty

“Your qualities surpass your charm!”

Milfoil (Yarrow) Disputes and Quarrels

Emblem of War (Greek)

Herb of Achilles (Greek)

Milkvetch “Your presence softens my pains.”
Milkwort Hermitage
Mimosa Bashfulness, Daintiness and Sensibility

“Be careful, do not hurt me!”

Mint Virtue

Violent Love and Consolation

Plant of Jupiter (Astrological)

Mistletoe Affection and Love

“I shall surmount all difficulties.”

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Magic Plant of the Druids (Celtic)

Sacred Plant of India

Mock Orange Counterfeit
Molucca Bean (Virgin Mary’s Nut) Good Luck Charm (English)
Moonflower Night and Instability
Moonwort Forgetfulness
Morning Bride Unfortunate Attachment

“I have lost all.”

Morning Glory Farewell and Departure

Flower of September (Occidental)

Symbol of Mortality (Japanese)

Morning Glory, Red Attachment
Motherwort Concealed Love
Moschatel Weak but Winning
Moss “Charity, nothing more!”

Maternal Love

Bad Luck Gift to a Woman

Moss Rose Superiority and Pleasure
Mountain Ash (Rowan Tree) Antidote and Mercy

Tree against Magic and Sorcery (Nordic)

Dedicated to Thor and Donar (Nordic)

Mountain Clover Fecundity, Conquest and Victory (Japanese)

Flower of July (Japanese)

Mouse-eared Scorpion Grass “Forget me not.”
Moving Plant Agitation
Mudwort Tranquility
Mugwort Happiness
Mulberry Tree, Red and Black Symbol of Unhappy Love

“I shall not survive you!” (Selam)

Tree of Pyramus and Thisbe (Babylonian)

Tree of Sorrow (Chinese)

Mulberry Tree, White Wisdom and Immortality

Industry and Comfort of Home (Chinese)

Mullein Health and Good Nature

Herb of Love (Medieval)

Mushroom Wisdom and Integrity


Plant of Jupiter (Astrological)

Musk Plant Weakness
Musk Rose Capricious Beauty
Mustard Seed Indifference
Myrobalan Privation
Myrrh Gladness
Myrtle Love, Mirth and Joy (Egyptian)Flower of Hathor (Egyptian)Emblem of Marriage (Hebrew)

Flower of the Tabernacle (Hebrew)

Dedicated to Aphrodite and Venus

Nandina Sacred and Heavenly Bamboo (Japanese)

Symbol of Clear Air (Japanese)

Gift of Purification (Japanese)

Narcissus Egotism and Conceit

Plant of Nemesis (Greek)

Symbol of Good Fortune (Chinese)

Emblem of Winter (Chinese)

Mirth and Joyousness (Japanese)

Emblem of Formality (Japanese)

Nasturium (Tropaeolum) Patriotism

Conquest and Victory in Battle

Nettle Cruelty and Slander

“You break my heart!”

Bad Luck Gift to a Woman

Nettle Tree Concert
Nigelia (Money-Plant) Perplexity
Night Convolvulus Night
Night-blooming Cereus Transient Beauty
Nightshade, Bittersweet (Woody) Truth
Nightshade, Deadly (Belladonna) Silence
Nightshade, Enchanter Witchcraft, Sorcery and Skepticism
Nosegay Gallantry
Nuts “You are cracked!”

Bad Luck Gift to a Man

Oak Leaf Cluster Bravery

Token of Heroism and Victory (Teutonic)

Oak Tree Stability and Hospitality

Tree of Philemon (Greek)

Dedicated to Zeus and Jupiter

Tree of Life (Nordic)

Dedicated to Thor and Donar

Celestial Tree of the Druids (Celtic)

Symbol of Masculine Strength (Chinese)

Oak, White Independence
Oats The witching soul of music
Oleander (Rosebay) Beware

Beauty and Grace (Chinese)

Olive Branch Safe Travel (Biblical)

Peace and Reconciliation

Emblem of the Archangel Gabriel

Olive Tree Fidelity and Fruitfulness

Dedicated to Athene and Minerva

Emblem of Studious Pursuit (Chinese)

Orange Happiness and Prosperity (Chinese)New Year’s Goodwill Gift (Chinese)
Orange Blossom Virginity and Innocence

Bridal Festivities

“I shall not sin!” (Selam)

Marriage and Fruitfulness (Saracen)

Chastity and Eternal Love (Japanese)

Orange Tree Sweetness, Generosity and Fecundity
Orchid A Belle, Beauty, Luxury and Fragrance

Flower of Magnificence

“I await your favors!” (Selam)

Symbol of Love and Beauty (Chinese)

Refinement and Fragrance (Chinese)

Symbol of Numerous Progeny (Confucian)

Orchid, Bee Industry
Orchid, Butterfly (Phalaeonophis) Gaiety
Orchid, Cattleya Mature Charms
Orchid, Slipper Capricious Beauty
Oregano Birth
Osier Frankness
Osmunda Dreams
Our Lady’s Bedstraw Symbol of the Nativity
Ox-Eye Daisy (Buphthalmum) Patience

Flower of Midsummer Day

Dedicated to St. John the Baptist

Palm Leaves Victory and Conquest

Success and Peace

Symbol of the Harvest (Hebrew Succoth)

Symbol of Martyrdom (Catacombs)

Emblem of Palm Sunday

Dignity and Felicity (Chinese)

Emblem of Retirement (Chinese)

Palm Tree Creative Power and Peace (Semitic)Flower Emblem of Judea
Pansy (Heart’s Ease) Thoughtful Recollection

Flower Emblem of Trinity Sunday

Good Luck Gift to a Man

Pansy, Purple “You occupy my thoughts.”
Pansy, Yellow and Purple Mixed Forget me not
Parma Violet “Let me love you!”
Parsley Festivity
Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla) Unpretentious

“You have no claims.”

Flower Emblem of Easter

Passionflower Faith, Belief and Piety

Symbol of the Passion (Spanish)

Paulownia Justice and Benevolence (Japanese)Flower of December (Japanese)Kirimon – Crest of the Empress of Japan
Pea, Everlasting An appointed meeting

Lasting pleasure

Happy Marriage and Fertility

Pea, Sweet Departure and Delicate Pleasures
Peach Fruit of Eternal Life (Chinese)

Good Luck Gift to a Man

“Your qualities, like your charms, are unequalled.”

Peach Blossom Bridal Hope and Generosity (Chinese)

Flower of February (Chinese)

Feminine Softness and Matrimony (Japanese)

Emblem of Springtime (Japanese)

“I am your captive.”

Peach Stones Good Luck Charm for Children (Chinese)
Peach Tree Tree of Fairy Fruit (Chinese)

Emblem of Immortality (Japanese)

Pear Affection

Badge of Actors and Musicians (Chinese)

Pear Blossom Health and Hope

Purity and Longevity (Chinese)

Flower of August (Chinese)

Pear Tree Comfort

Wise Justice and Good Government (Chinese)

Pennyroyal Flee Away
Peony Shame and Bashful

Plant of Healing (Greek)

Gay Life and Prosperity (Japanese)

Happy Marriage and Virility (Japanese)

Flower of June (Japanese)

Peony, Red Devotion
Periwinkle, Blue Early Friendship and Unerring Devotion
Periwinkle, White Pleasures of Memory
Persea Tree Symbol of Fame (Egyptian)
Persicaria Restoration
Persimmon “Bury me amid nature’s beauties.”

Symbol of Joy (Chinese)

Emblem of Victory (Japanese)

Petunia Anger and Resentment

“I am furious!”

Philodendron The Loving Tree
Phlox Sweet Dreams and Proposal of Love


Pimpernel, Scarlet Change and Assignation
Pine, Black Pity and Boldness
Pine Cone Life and Fecundity (Semitic)
Pine Needle Twins Faithfulness and Conjugal Love (Japanese)
Pine, Pitch Philosophy
Pine, Spruce Hope in Advesity
Pine Tree Boldness and Fidelity

Dedicated to Poseidon and Neptune

Symbol of Friendship (Chinese)

Stability and Strong Old Age (Japanese)

Flower of January (Japanese)

Pineapple “You are Welcome.”

“You are perfect.”

Pink (Dianthus) Boldness
Pink, China Aversion
Pink, Double Indian Always Lovely
Pink, Mountain Aspiring
Pink, Red Ardent Love and Pure Affection
Pink, Variegated Refusal and Departure
Pink, White Ingeniousness and Talent
Pink, Yellow Disdain and Rejection
Plane Tree Genius and Magnificence (Persian)
Plantain Symbol of Self Education (Chinese)
Plum Blossom “Keep your promises!” (Selam)Beauty and Longevity (Chinese)Flower of January (Chinese)

Emblem of Winter (Chinese)

Happiness and Marriage (Japanese)

Flower of February (Japanese)

Emblem of Spring (Japanese)

Plum Tree “Keep your promise!”

Taoist Tree of Longevity (Chinese)

Patience and Perseverance (Japanese)

Emblem of the Samurai (Japanese)

Poinsettia Christmas Flower (North American)

“Be of good cheer!”

Polyanthus Pride of Riches
Polyanthus, Crimson The heart’s mystery
Polyanthus, Lilac Confidence
Pomegranate Life and Fecundity (Semitic)Dedicated to Hera and JunoSymbol of a Hopeful Future (Oriental)

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Flower Emblem of Granada – Spain

Badge of Catherine or Aragon

Pomegranate Blossom Symbol of Posterity (Chinese)

Flower of June (Chinese)

Poplar, Black Courage
Poplar, White Time
Poppy Eternal Sleep and Oblivion (Greek)Dedicated to all Nocturnal DeitiesFlower of August (Occidental)

Emblem of Memorial Day

Flower of December (Chinese)

Imagination and Dreaminess

Herb of the Moon (Astrological)

Poppy, Red Consolation
Poppy, Scarlet Fantastic extravagance
Poppy, White Sleep and Antidote
Potato Plant Benevolence
Prickly Pear Satire
Pride of China (China Berry) Dissension
Primrose Early Youth and Young Love

Flower of February (Occidental)

“I can’t live without you.”

Primrose, Evening Inconstancy
Primrose, Lilac Confidence
Primrose, Red Unpatronized Merit
Privet Prohibition
Pussy Willow Flower Symbol of Easter
Ragged Robin Wit, Curiosity and Dandyism
Ragwort “I am humble but proud!”
Ranunculus “You are radiant, I am dazzled by your charms!”
Ranunculus, Wild Ingratitude
Raspberry Remorse
Reed Symbol of Music

Plant of Pan (Greek)

Reed, Flowering Confidence in Heaven
Reed, Split Indiscretion
Rhododendron, Rosebay Danger and Beware
Rhubarb Advice
Rocket Rivalry, Lust and Vanity

Dedicated to Priapus (Greek)

Rohdea Green for Ten Thousand Years (Japanese)

Symbol of Happy Retirement (Japanese)

Rose, Damask Brilliant Complexion and Freshness
Rose, Dog Pleasure and Pain
Rose, Full-blown “I love you” (Selam)
Rose, Guelder Winter and Age
Rose, Pink Friendship and Happiness

“Our love is perfect happiness!” (Selam)

Rose, Red Love and Desire

“May you be pleased and your sorrows mine!” (Selam)

Dedicated to Aphrodite and Venus

Flower of Eros and Cupid

Emblem of the Martyrs

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Badge of the House of Lancaster

Rose, White Charm and Innocence

“You are so pure and lovely!” (Selam)

Emblem of Harpocrates (Greek)

Symbol of Secrecy and Silence

Flower of the Virgin Mary

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Badge of the House of York

Rose, White on Red Badge of the House of Tudor

Flower Emblem of England

Rose, Wild Simplicity
Rose, Withered Reproach and Fleeting Beauty
Rose, Yellow Infidelity and Jealousy

Forgive and Forget

Bad Luck Gift to a Woman

Rosebud Beauty and Youth

“Your ignorance of love is sweet!” (Selam)

Rosebud, Moss Confession of Devotion
Rose-on-Soleil White Rose within a Sunburst

Badge of the House of York

Rose of Jericho Symbol of Resurrection
Rosemary Constancy, Fidelity and Loyalty

Enduring Love, Devotion and Memory

“Your presence revives me!”

Herb of Aries (Astrological)

Rudbeckia Justice
Rue Disdain

Morals and Mercy (Medieval)

Magic and Witchcraft (Shakespearian)

Flower Emblem of Saxony

Rue, Goats Reason
Rushes Calm and Docility
Rye Grass Changeable Disposition
Saffron “Beware of excess!” (Selam)

Luck and Pride

Herb of the Sun (Astrological)

Sage Esteem and Domestic Virtues

“I respect you deeply!” (Selam)

Health and Longevity

Herb of Zeus and Jupiter

Sainfoin Agitation
St. John’s-wort Animosity, Suspicion and Superstition

Devil’s Flight (Medieval)

Charm against Evil Spirits

Sakaki (Shinto Tree) Sacred Tree of Shintoism (Japanese)
Sakaki Branches Farewell Gift to the Dead (Japanese)
Sardane (Herba Sardonica) Irony, Scorn and Mockery

“I laugh at you!” (Sardinian)

Sardony Irony
Saxifrage, Mossy Affection
Scabious Widowhood and Mourning
Sedum (Stonecrop) Tranquility

Lover’s Wreath

Selam Persian Language of Flowers
Senvy Indifference
Shamrock Light Heartedness

Flower Emblem of Ireland

Dedicated to St. Patrick

Sheaf of Wheat Symbol of Abundance
Shooting Star “You are my divinity!”
Snail Plant Sluggishness and Stupidity
Snakesfoot Horror
Snapdragon Presumption and Desperation
Snowball Bound
Snowdrop Hope and Consolation

“Let us wait for better days!”

Flower of January (Occidental)

Emblem of Early Spring

Dedicated to the Virgin Mary

Symbol of Candlemas

Solomon’s Seal Secret, Concealment and Discretion

“Our secret will be duly kept!”

Soma Vedic Plant God of Vegetation
Sorrel Parental Affection
Sorrel, Wild Wit ill-timed
Sorrel, Wood Joy and Maternal Tenderness
Southernwood Jest and Bantering

Constancy and Perseverance

Lover’s Plant

Herb of Mercury (Astrological)

Spearmint Warmth of Sentiment
Speedwell (Veronica) Fidelity and Sanctity

Emblem of St. Veronica

Speedwell, Germander Facility
Speedwell, Spiked Semblance
Spider Ophrys Adroitness
Spiderwort “Esteem not love.”

Momentary happiness

Spindle Tree Ineffaceable Memory

“Your charm is engraved in my heart!”

Star of Bethlehem Purity and Reconciliation
Statice Sinuata Loyalty
Stephanotis Marital Bliss
Stock Bonds of Affection
Stonecrop Tranquility
Straw Union
Straw, Broken Dissension

“Rupture of our union!”

Strawberry Intoxication and Delight

“You are delicious!”

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Strawberry Leaves Completeness and Perfection
Strawberry Tree Esteem
Sumach, Venice Splendor
Sunflower Homage and Devotion

“My eyes see only you!”

Symbol of the Sun (Incan)

Flower Emblem of Peru

Sunflower, Dwarf Admiration and Gratitude
Sunflower, Tall Pride and Appreciation
Sweet Basil Poverty and Hate
Sweet Pea Departure and Adieu
Sweet William Gallantry, Finesse and Perfection
Sweetbrier, American Simplicity
Sweetbrier, European Poetry
Sweetbrier, Yellow Decrease of Love
Sycamore Love and Fertility

Mirth and Joy


Tree of Life (Egyptian)

Syringa Memory, Love and Beauty

Plant of Venus (Astrological)

Syringa, Carolina Disappointment
Tamarisk Crime
Tansy Resistance

Easter Flower

Emblem of St. Athanasius

“I declare war against you!”

Tea Rose “Our love will be fruitful!” (Selam)
Teasel, Fuller’s Misanthropy
Thistle Defiance and Surliness

Austerity and Intrusion

Flower Emblem of Scotland

Dedicated to St. Anthony

Thorn Apple Deceitful Charms
Thorn, Evergreen Solace in adversity
Thorns, Branch Severity
Thrift Sympathy
Thyme Courage and Activity

Spontaneous Emotion

Thyrsus A staff entwined with Vine and Ivy topped by a Pine Cone

Symbol of Life and Fecundity (Semitic)

Emblem of Dionysus and Bacchus

Tiger Lily Wealth and Pride
Toadstool Symbol of Good Luck
Traveler’s Joy Rest, Safety and Playful Gaiety
Tree Peony Love and Affection (Chinese)

Flower of March (Chinese)

Emblem of Spring (Chinese)

Trefoil, Birdsfoot Revenge
Tremella Nestoc Resistance
Trillium Pictim Modest Beauty
Truffle Surprise
Trumpet Flower Fame
Trumpet Flower, ash-leaved Separation
Tuberose Dangerous Pleasures


Mistress of the Night (Malayan)

Flower Emblem of Persia

Tulip Symbol of the Perfect Lover (Persian)

“A declaration of love!” (Selam)

Flower of Spring (Occidental)

Flower Emblem of Holland

Imagination and Dreaminess

Herb of the Moon (Astrological)

Tulip, Red Declaration of Love
Tulip, Striped Beautiful Eyes
Tulip, Yellow Hopeless Love
Tulip Tree Retirement and Rural Happiness
Turnip Charity
Tussie Mussie Fragrance remembered
Tussilage, sweet-scented (Coltsfoot) “Justice shall be done to you!”
Valerian (Vandal Root) Dissimulation and RuptureHerb of Mercury (Astrological)Fatal Gift
Valerian, Red An accommodating disposition
Venus’ Car “Fly with me.”
Venus’ Looking Glass Flattery and Pride

“You are charming but somewhat haughty!”

Venus’ Trap Deceit
Verbena (Vervain) Wish-granting Herb (Persian)

Herb of Mars (Roman)

Enchantment and Affection

Herb of Venus (Astrological)

Vernal Grass Poor but happy
Vetch “I cling to you.”
Vine Peace and Plenty (Semitic)

Emblem of the Chosen People (Hebrew)

Symbol of the Redeemer (Biblical)

Emblem of the Christian Faith (Byzantine)

Luck and Strength

Plant of the Sun (Astrological)

Vine Leaves Mirth and Intoxication

Dedicated to Bacchus and Dionysus

Violet, Blue Modesty and Simplicity

“I return your love!”

Flower of March (Occidental)

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Herb of Jupiter (Astrological)

Flower of Io (Greek)

Emblem of the French Bonapartists

Violet, White Candor and Innocence
Violet, Yellow Rural Happiness
Volkamenia “May you be happy.”
Wake Robin (Arum) Ardor
Wallflower Friendship in Adversity

Fidelity in Misfortune

Good Luck Gift to a Woman

Walnut Hard Fate and Trickery


Bad Luck Gift to a Man

Walnut Twins Symbol of Good Luck (Mediterranean)
Water Lily Eloquence and Persuasion

Purity of Heart

Flower of July (Occidental)

Wax Plant Susceptibility
Wheat Riches and Prosperity
Wild Rose Simplicity and Modesty

“I shall follow you everywhere!”

Wild Rue “I like my independence!”
Wild Thyme “You are careless and thoughtless!”
Wild Vine Poetry and Imagination
Willow Forsaken and Slighted Love

Grief and Mourning (Occidental)

Powers of Resurgent Spring (Chinese)

Patience and Perseverance (Japanese)

Emblem of Meekness (Buddhist)

Willow, French Bravery and Humanity
Willow, Water Frankness and Freedom
Willow, Weeping Mourning
Willow-Herb, spiked Pretension
Winter Cherry Deception
Wisteria Youth and Poetry (Japanese)

Flower of April (Japanese)

Emblem of Summer (Japanese)

Witch Hazel A Spell
Wreath of Flowers Flora’s Diadem
Wreath of Fragrant Olives Reward for Literary Merit (Chinese)
Wreath of Hawthorn Symbol of Marriage (Greek)
Wreath of Myrtle Symbol of Marriage (Hebrew)
Wreath of Oak Leaves (Civic Crown) Award for Saving a Life in Battle (Roman)
Wreath of Orange Blossoms Symbol of Marriage and Fecundity (Saracen)
Wreath of Verbena Symbol of Marriage (Roman)
Wreath of Wheat Flower Emblem of the Ukraine (Russian)
Wolfsbane (Aconite) Misanthropy
Wood Anemone Maternal Love
Wormwood Absence
Xeranthemum (Eternal Flower) Eternity and Immortality
Yew Tree Death, Grief and Sorrow

Faith and Resurrection (Celtic)

Witches Tree (Old English)

Yggdrasill Nordic World Tree
Yucca “Yours until death!”
Zephyr Flower Expectation
Zinnia Thoughts about Absent Friends

Colored, in progress